What support can libraries offer digital humanities?

As librarians who work with digital scholarship, particularly undergraduate and graduate Theses and Dissertations and other items that find their home in Institutional Repositories, we understand that the landscape of the content is changing. Our “Talk” session is envisioned as a conversation between scholars and those who help make projects, research, and supporting materials available in a digital world. What kinds of materials, and in what formats, should we seek to support?

While our initial conversation topic was sparked by the needs of undergraduate and graduate students as they work on their theses, dissertations and other requirements for graduation, we recognize this conversation has broader impact in the digital humanities community. What technologies and solutions should we be looking at – what are the problems (current and upcoming) faced by scholars that we could help address?

-Submitted by Christy Shorey and Sarah Norris

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About Christy Shorey

Manager of the Institutional Repository at the University of Florida, I work with scholarly works, including electronic theses and dissertations. I earned my undergraduate degree in theatre performance, and enjoy writing fiction in my free time.

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  1. It would definitely be neat to hear a dialogue focused on student needs; thanks to you both for proposing this! Christy — have you alerted McNairs, UF Graduate dissertations/theses folks, Office of Undergraduate Research, and Honors program to circulate this session?

  2. I really love the questions you are posing here. One of the things I’ve been wondering about is if the Libraries should be the home for a training program for developing DH skills (eg, learning TEI, GIS, etc).

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