Hacking TEI Boilerplate

A number of textually-oriented DH projects are using TEI (the Text Encoding Initiative) as a data format, and so far the easiest way to get TEI out to the reader is via TEI Boilerplate.  Boilerplate was designed with customization in mind, and there are some good examples online, like the Petrarchive, which goes beyond custom colors and fonts by using the CSS switcher and <choice> blocks to allow the reader to switch between a transcription and edited text.  Beyond customization, there is room for improvement: the default installation of Boilerplate is slow to load, throws some Javascript errors (relating to JQuery BlockUI, which might be part of the speed problem), and uses an outdated version of JQuery (1.10.2, while the latest is 2.1.3).  I’d like to propose a hacking session in which we sit down with our copies of Boilerplate and our favorite text editors or IDE’s to address any or all of the following:

  1. gain some collective, hands-on experience in customizing Boilerplate,
  2. try to speed up Boilerplate (perhaps by fixing those BlockUI errors?), and
  3. modernize our Boilerplate installations by upgrading JQuery to the latest version, fixing anything that breaks along the way.

This session would be more praxis than theory, but we should be able to generalize from our experiences; bring a laptop, not a tablet, and bring a copy of a TEI project you’d like to share and work on customizing together with the group.

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I am a graduate student in the department of classics, studying Greek and Latin. My dissertation focuses on declamation (fictive oratory) from the Roman world and the Renaissance. In my spare time I study Neo-Latin, roughly defined as anything in Latin from the Renaissance to the modern day; this semester it's meant sixteenth and seventeenth century Huguenot histories of Florida, seventeenth and eighteenth century praises of Venereal disease, and Latin in twentieth century Senegal. Because I can.

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  1. Thanks for this chance to get our hands dirty with TEI! Can you say something about what people can use TEI to do?

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