NO MORE! Servers in Our Homes

For too long humanities researchers (and all researchers) have had too limited resources, which has resulted in servers in homes and personally supported servers by researchers for research. There are certainly times when having a server of one’s own is wanted and appropriate. However, this should not be the default. At UF, researchers have fabulous resources readily available through UF Research Computing.

This talk session will be about the options with Research Computing for server supports, contact people with Research Computing, and options for collaboration with the Libraries, which have just started our investment in Research Computing to have a small incubator space for graduate students and faculty researchers who are undertaking collaborative research and projects with the Libraries. There are better options than having a server in your home.

Come and hear about the options!

Come and learn about how utilizing and leveraging amazing resources like Research Computing can make your research more sustainable and fundable, with examples like MassMine!

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About Laurie

I'm the Digital Scholarship Librarian at the University of Florida. My work focuses on socio-technical (people, policies, technologies, communities) needs for scholarly cyberinfrastructure. I work heavily with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) where I am the Digital Scholarship Director, LibraryPress@UF where I am the Editor-in-Chief, the Digital Humanities Working Group with the DH Graduate Certificate, and Research Computing, with these and other activities geared towards enabling a culture of radical collaboration that values and supports diversity and inclusivity.

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  1. A big step forward for MassMine was when LT said: “You’re still using a server in your home?”

    I’ll never forget it!

  2. Great session; will you discuss copyright/ownership, etc. of data too? and what counts as ‘research computing’?

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